Permanent Address: 2195 Delmar Drive, Ottawa, Ont., CANADA, Tel: 613 260 5733, email:



 Senior Fellow, Modern Turkish Studies &

Professor Emeritus, International Affairs/Economics,

Carleton University, Ottawa


Ozay Mehmet is of Turkish-Cypriot origin; married, has three sons and lives in Ottawa with wife Karen. He was educated in Cyprus, was the first Turkish Cypriot to go to the London School of Economics (1959-62). Subsequently he received his MA and Ph.D in economics at the University of Toronto (on a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship). He has taught at various Canadian universities [Windsor, York, Toronto, Ottawa and Carleton].


He is currently Senior Fellow in charge of a new initiative to launch Modern Turkish Studies Program at Carleton University.


Professionally, Ozay Mehmet is a specialist  in economic development, with special reference to Asian Tigers, Turkey and Cyprus. Consulted extensively for WB, ADB, CIDA, CFTC, UN agencies (ILO, WHO, UNDP) and others.


Author of 21 academic books and over 100 articles in top academic journals.


In retirement, he has started writing historical novels.


Latest Books include:


  1. WESTERNIZING      THE THIRD WORLD (1st ed in 1995 Routledge,  several editions, hardcover and      paperback)
  2. ISLAMIC      IDENTITY AND DEVELOPMENT (1st ed in 1990, several editions,      translated into other languag)
  3. TOWARDS      A FAIR GLOBAL LABOR MARKET (1999, Routledge – with Errol Mendes and Robert      Sinding)
  4. GLOBAL      GOVERNANCE, ECONOMY AND LAW (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2003 – with Errol      Mendes)
  5. Sustainability      of Micro States: The Case of North Cyprus, University of Utah Press, 2010


Historical Novels:


  1. UZUN      ALI, SHAME AND SALVATION, Wisdom House,       UK &      USA 2011
  2. ANGELINA’S      TREASURE, CYPRUS 1570, Wisdom House, UK      & USA      (forthcoming)



Latest Academic Recognition


GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, LABOUR MARKET DYNAMICS AND SOCIAL CHANGE, Essays in Honour of Emeritus Professor Ozay Mehmet, edited by B. N. Ghosh, Wisdom House Publications, UK, 2010


Educational and Career Highlights:

  • Educated at the London      of School of Economics (1959-1962: B.Sc. Econ Hons) and the University of Toronto (1964 – 1968: MA and Ph.D      in economics)
  • Born in colonial Cyprus (in 1938), educated at the English School,      Nicosia      before LSE
  • Has consulted extensively for      international development agencies, including:

The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the UNDP, ILO, WHO, CIDA

  • Chief Technical Advisor, UNDP-ILO
  • As Development Economist, specialized      in Asian Tigers (Malaysia,      Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand in particular)
  • Recipient of academic awards in Canada      including several SSHRC grants
  • Has been honored by international      economics associations and universities abroad.
  • Has been the Founding Editor of the      CANADIAN JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES and served as President of the      Canadian Association for the Study of International Development.

 Distinguished Service to Economics by      the TURKISH ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION, November 2006